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Pricing at AWP, WAC, and ASP!

We know manufacturers, payers and providers need access to the latest drug pricing information. That’s why offers instant access to the latest physician-administered drug pricing at the HCPCS unit level!

Detailed NDC Pricing!

We help ensure that your practice is getting the best value for your drug purchases. At, you can easily drill down to see both unit-level and package-level pricing!

Drug Charge Calculators!

Our innovative charge calculator gives you access to everything you need to accurately calculate charges for HCPCS drugs.

Discover the Power of BuyandBill Pro!

BuyandBill Pro offers:

  1. Optimized Pricing for ‘Buy and Bill’
  2. Package and NDC Level Pricing
  3. Precise NDC-HCPCS Alignments
  4. Historical Pricing and Analytics
  5. True ASP
  6. Quarterly Pricing Reports
  7. Vaccine Price Reporting
  8. Oral Drug Pricing

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As an expert in drug billing, I find to be indispensable on a daily basis. It simply makes my life easier.

-- Principal, OnPoint Oncology
As a consultant that develops in-depth GTN and ASP forecasting models for pharmaceutical companies, Pro is my go-to source for all related data points for medical and pharmacy benefit drug pricing data. The Pro version provides not only the data points, but more importantly, 8 years of historical pricing in both tabular and graphical trend formats.

-- President, Weiser Consulting
I use probably daily in my work as it is a great resource for quickly finding any drug ASP amount and Medicare reimbursement amount, as these change quarterly. We are analyzing constantly how these changes affect our reimbursement and model in our costs too. We also use this tool to see the AWP and WAC for oral drugs. Buy and Bill is the only resource I know of with the wealth of information that is valuable to help the practices we work with manage finances on a daily basis.

— Business Operations Coordinator, Prologics Healthcare
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